PVC nauha 200mm

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PVC foil for strip curtain.

Width: 200mm
Thickness: 2mm type standard
Temperature application range: -5C to +40C
Length: 50m on rolls.
Price is applied for 1 unit (meter).
Door curtains are made from soft PVC belts are the most cost-effective solution designed to protect people and goods against the various environmental conditions (heat radiation, low temperature, humidity) and the noise, dust, insects and drafts. PCV strips are made of plasticized PVC, resistant to UV rays.
PVC curtains occur in two types: ”standard” and ”cold” which allows its use in a wide temperature range (from – 30C to + 60C). Curtains provide an excellent seal to go, do not impede pedestrian traffic while or transiting trucks. Strip curtain consists of individual strips that are fastened with metal slings (fixing plates) on detachable comb.


– Door curtain (input, internal)
– curtains in the doorways of landing
– curtain in the cold and freezers, meat processing plants and food processing
– curtains shielding the individual job


– reduce heat loss or temperature rise
– reduce and prevent drafts
– noise reduction
– difficulty of getting the birds and insects
– protection against penetration of dust, smoke, fumes, moisture
– in special as a protection against ultraviolet radiation during welding jobs